The name ‘AC Create’ is derived from the original group (A.P.P.L.E Club) headed by company president, Koji Kikuchi.

A.P.P.L.E being an acronym for - Active People Progressively Leading Entertainment.

The business of AC Create is to link Japan with the audiovisual culture of the rest of the world. In this fast moving culture where quality and speed are of the essence, AC Create stands poised to meet the demands of the entertainment industry as it is today and ready to face any challenges the future may bring.

  Our Mission:
  • To deliver the highest quality product to our client, within the required timeframe.
  • To ensure that communication is maintained throughout the project to make sure all requests are met.
  • To place utmost importance on maintaining the originality of each project.
  • To understand that adaptation is necessary in some cases to ensure that the context of the project is not ‘lost in translation’.


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