海外ドラマ、外国映画などの日本語字幕版・吹替版制作なら ACクリエイト株式会社


When foreign films changed from silent to talking films, “Morocco” (1930) was the first film to be shown with subtitles. When “Morocco” was re-released in Japan, fifty-six years later in 1986, I translated the subtitles myself.


The history of subtitles in Japan is a very long one. During this time, dubbing has also fast become popular for animation films, TV series, and theatrical releases. Subtitles and dubbing are absolutely essential for the Japanese audience when watching foreign films. The quality of the subtitles and dubbing has a direct impact on how well the original film is received by the Japanese viewer.


We have been working on subtitles and dubbing for more than thirty-six years now. We believe in ‘Always making the best’. And with these words, we will continue to strive in making top-quality subtitles and dubs.


Koji Kikuchi

Chairman, AC CREATE Co.,Ltd.