海外ドラマ、外国映画などの日本語字幕版・吹替版制作なら ACクリエイト株式会社



Our goal in subtitling is to capture the essence of a work within a limited number of characters. We strive for natural, beautiful Japanese subtitles that let the viewer forget they are watching foreign language content, and deliver only the most complete, high quality work. We work closely with clients to meet their requests down to the last detail and maintain flexibility in our delivery times and budgets.


We aim to create dubs for viewers of all ages with easy to understand, everyday expressions that maintain the charm of the original work. Not only limited to live-action movies and TV shows, we also handling Japanese dubbing of animation and video games. Once we have a grasp of the client’s needs, we assign a director and voice talents that are most suitable for the work, and produce and deliver the highest quality dubbing work.